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GNU Users Who Have Never Heard of GNU by Richard M. Stallman from GNU
GNU-gebruikers die nog nooit van GNU gehoord hebben - door Richard M. Stallman van GNU

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Richard M. Stallman(1953), Founder of the F
ree Software movement & The Lead Developer of the GNU Operating System which is typically used together with the kernel Linux in the combination GNU plus Linux.♥︎

Revolution OS 2001 on YouTube
Revolution OS from Wikipedia

Pronouncing: GNU stands for "GNU is Not Unix". 

WordPress maakt gebruik van de GNU Public License, die een platform biedt voor technische uitbreiding en aanmoedigt tot aanpassing en innovatie.

De licentie waaronder de WordPress-software wordt vrijgegeven, is de GPLv2 (of later) van de Free Software Foundation. Een kopie van de licentie is bij elke kopie van WordPress inbegrepen, maar je kunt de tekst van de licentie ook hier lezen.

WordPress uses the GNU Public License, which provides a platform for technical expansion and encourages
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Pronouncing: GNU stands for "GNU is Not Unix". 

The DOS "open source" developers - Is Your Son A Computer Hacker? by Priscilla F. Harmanus  |   MPEG-4-film |  68,7 MB | English subtitle .srt | .sbv

MPEG-4-film |  68,7 MB | English subtitle .srt | .sbv



The Free Software Foundation

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Jul 15, 2019 -  FROM 07:30 PM to 10:00 P.M

Location: Festsaal, Casino (#7), Campus Westend, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Grüneburgplatz 1, 60323 Frankfurt


This image shows a woman wearing a yellow vest looking at BabyGNU lying on the Rank Xerox Transport BoxPriscilla, 1993, NL

The image on the right → 
shows a woman wearing a yellow vest 
looking at BabyGNU lying on the 
Rank Xerox Transport Box


¶  Happily Honestby Priscilla F. Harmanus
¶  BabyGNU


look inside

Pronouncing: GNU stands for "GNU is Not Unix".                                         

To kind of explain what Linux is you
have to explain what an operating system
is and the thing about an operating
system is that you I mean you're not
never ever supposed to see it because
nobody really uses an operating system
people use programs on their computer
and the only mission in life of an
operating system is to help those

programs run so an operating system
never does anything on its own it's only
waiting for the programs to ask for
certain resources or or ask for certain
file and on the disk or ask for the
program's to connect them to the outside
world and then the operating system
comes steps in and and tries to make it
easy for people to write programs

Revolution OS 
is a 2001 
documentary film 
that traces the twenty-year history of 
GNULinuxopen source, and the free software movement.

¶  The Revolution of OS - 2001 - on YouTube
¶  The Code: Story of Linux documentary (MULTiSUB) - on YouTube

De naam "Linux" is praktischer
en aantrekkelijker voor computergebruikers
die niets anders kennen
dan Windows.

The name "Linux" is more practical
and attractive for computer users
who know nothing
but Windows.

You may view the personal web site of Priscilla here

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